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Modulfix tiles are so resistant that they can be installed in industrial places (stocking areas, warehouses, garages) submitted to the traffic of forklifts, pallet trucks, cars or industrial vehicles. An extreme abrasion resistance makes the tiles very durable and long-lasting.

Besides, they offer an excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, acids and other liquids.

Modulfix® floors do not need to be glued down (except for important temperature changes or extreme loads traffic). The tiles are installed with a rubber hammer, and cut with a cutting knife or a circular saw. The subfloor preparation is minimumgenerating almost no dust and avoiding the end-user to stop his activity. The tiles that are not glued down can be re-used when changing premises.

Alternating  colours  helps  identify  the traffic  areas.  The  3  top textures  are anti-slippery R10. Perimeter ramps and angles are available for a perfect finish.
The Moduprint ®  system makes possible the printing of any picture or pictogram

It is a floor that helps isolate from cold, noise, vibrations or impacts but also helps reduce muscular stress and fatigue in the legs.