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Modulfix tiles are so resistant that they can be installed in industrial places (stocking areas, warehouses, garages) submitted to the traffic of forklifts, pallet trucks, cars or industrial vehicles. An extreme abrasion resistance makes the tiles very durable and long-lasting.

Besides, they offer an excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, acids and other liquids.

Modulfix® floors do not need to be glued down (except for important temperature changes or extreme loads traffic). The tiles are installed with a rubber hammer, and cut with a cutting knife or a circular saw. The subfloor preparation is minimumgenerating almost no dust and avoiding the end-user to stop his activity. The tiles that are not glued down can be re-used when changing premises.

Alternating  colours  helps  identify  the traffic  areas.  The  3  top textures  are anti-slippery R10. Perimeter ramps and angles are available for a perfect finish.
The Moduprint ®  system makes possible the printing of any picture or pictogram

It is a floor that helps isolate from cold, noise, vibrations or impacts but also helps reduce muscular stress and fatigue in the legs.



Safety & Aesthetics;

Quick & Easy Installation;

Low Maintenance;

Extra hard PVC which suitable in heavy weights environments;

Various Colours and texture for mix and match in different design combinations.

Recommended Application:


.GYM rooms



.Stocking areas

.Cold rooms




Available Size:

.X5 TERRA  Smooth leather texture with hidden joint - 500 x 500mm - (5mm) (THK.)

.X5 CLASSIC Smooth texture - 508 x 508mm - (5mm) (THK.)

.X5 METAL Metal plate texture - 508 x 508mm - (5mm) (THK.)

.X7 TERRA  Smooth leather texture with hidden joint - 500 x 500mm - (7mm) (THK.)

.X7 SOLID Smooth texture - 508 x 508mm - (7mm) (THK.)

.X7 ANTISTATIC Smooth texture - 508 x 508mm - (7mm) (THK.)  -   Only in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Slate Grey & Black

.X7 METAL Metal plate texture - 508 x 508mm - (7mm) (THK.)

.X7 HEAVY  Smooth texture - 508 x 508mm - (7mm) (THK.)  -  Only in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Slate Grey & Black

.X9 EXTREME  Smooth texture - 508 x 508mm - (9mm) (THK.)  -  Only in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Slate Grey & Black

   * Consult us for special custom colours.



.The Modulfix® tiles can be installed loose-lay on hard surfaces.


.The tiles are cut with a circular saw and installed with a rubber hammer.


.The tiles should not be installed below 15ºC and should be left in the room at least 24 hours prior totheir installation. It is recommended to leave at least a 5mm gap between the tiles and any fixed point.


.It is necessary to glue the areas under direct sun exposure or exposed to important temperature changes.


.The heavy industrial vehicles transit (especially the vehicles equipped with thin and hard wheels) can require the gluing of the tiles on a clean, hard, dry and levelled surface using a two-component PU adhesive.


.If the floor is installed loose-lay, it is recommended to cut the tiles around the heavy machines or racks so that the floor will be free to expand or contract.


.Allow minimum 48 hours before transiting with an industrial vehicle above the glued areas


The Modulfix ® tiles are to be cleaned with water and neutral detergent or degreaser recommended for synthetic floors.

It is possible to use a single disc washing machine with a light brush or pad (it is recommended to try the brush and the products on a small area before its general use).


Make sure you clean the floor from aggressive liquids as soon as possible to avoid prolonged contact and maintain its best aspect. If the floor is very dusty, it should be brushed or vacuumed first.


Normally shipping delivery takes around 8-10 weeks from your orders on. If you require any express services, delivery time can be upgraded as 2-4 weeks.

(For any questions, please feel free contact us during business hours for better information.)

If you have any questions to our products, please feel free to contact us via:; or

contact us by +852-2398-7293 or whatsapp us by +852-9165-5989 during business hours

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