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ART SELECT is a series of effortlessly stylish Luxury Vinyl Tile, produced with wooden and stone texture also different size of dimensions.

Wood collection is combined with detailed embossing techniques and elegant bevelled edges, inspiration from reclaimed timber native to the American Midwest and oak sourced from the ancient forests of Europe, to product a collectioin that embodies luxury;

Stone collection brings the natural beauty of travertine, marble, slate and limestone to life;

.Most intricate designs and realistic embosses, handcrafted to reflect the unique patterns and textures of real stone;

.It offers R10/R11 (DIN 51130) slip resistance;

.Applicable in toilet and bathroom;

.Lifetime guarantee for residential.



Intricate designs and realistic embosses;

Unique patterns and textures of real wood / stone;

Lifetime guarantee for residential, 20-year commercial/ light industrial guarantee;

Each tile is laid with a decorative design strip creating a unique look to your space;

R10 (DIN 51130) slip resistance;

Applicable in bathroom/ toilet.

Recommended Application:


.Hotel / Hospitality




.Restaurants / Cafe / Bar

.School / Community Centre

.TV studios

Available Size:


Handcrafted   EW02, EW03  -  915mm X 152mm (36'' X 6'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

                       EW10, EW11, EW12, EW13, EW21 -  1420mm X 228mm (56'' X 9'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

                       RPL-EW21  -  1420mm X 114/152/228mm (56'' X 4.5''/6''/9'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

Oak Premier   HC01, HC02, HC03, HC06  - 915mm x 152mm (36'' X 6'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

Oak Royale     RL01, RL02, RL04, RL05, RL12  - 1219mm x 178mm (48'' X 7'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

                       RL20, RL21, RL22, RL23 - 1420mm x 228mm (56'' X 9'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

Parquet          SBW-RL01, SBW-RL12  - 114mm X 114mm / 305mm X 76mm (4.5'' X 4.5'' / 12'' X 3'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

                       AP01, AP02, AP03, AP05, AP06, AP07  -  228mm X 76mm (9'' X 3'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

                       SM-RL20, SM-RL21, SM-RL22, SM-RL23  -  457mm X 76mm (18'' X 3'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 


Travertine       LM07, LM08, LM09  -  457mm X 610mm (18'' X 24'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

                       LM27, LM28, LM29  -  152mm X 915mm (6'' X 36'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

Slate              LM11, LM12 -  915mm X 915mm (36'' X 36'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

                       LM21, LM22, LM05, LM06  - 457mm X 610mm (18'' X 24'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

Marble            LM10  -  915mm X 915mm (36'' X 36'') - (3.0mm)(THK.)

                       LM15, LM15-CLIP, LM16, LM16-CLIP  -  406mm X 406mm (16'' X 16'') - (3.0mm)(THK.) 

Limestone      LM01, LM02, LM03, LM20  -  915mm X 915mm (36'' X 36'') - (3.0mm)(THK.)                      


Art Select (Wood)


Art Select (Stone)


.Gluedown floors should be installed in accordance with the requirements of ASTM F710, BS 8203, AS/NZS 1884, DTU 53.2, DIN 18365 (Teil C) or other applicable National Standards and Building Codes for the installation of Resilient Flooring, and instructions below to ensure a quality fit.

.At least 24 hours prior to installation, flooring materials must be removed from packaging and allowed to condition in the room where the installation is to take place. Room temperature should be kept between 65‑85°F* (18‑27°C).

.The subfloor should be hard smooth, clean, dry and free from defects; irregularities in the subfloor will show through the finished floor.


Mop up spills as soon as possible, using Karndean Clean, to reduce the risk of slipping and possible staining.


For stubborn stains, spot clean with undiluted Karndean Clean or Remove.


Use entrance mats to protect against grit and moisture (ensure they are non rubber-backed to prevent any discolouration of the floor).


Avoid sliding or dragging furniture or other objects across the floor - use the floor protector pads 4 included in the Floor Care Kit, to prevent scratching.


Use castor cups to protect against indentation from heavy furniture.


Regularly sweep the floor to remove loose dirt or grit as these can cause fine scratches. If using a vacuum, please check the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure it’s suitable for Karndean.


Avoid the use of regular household cleaners and bleach-based detergents. These could make the floor slippery or cause discolouration. If the floor has a streaky appearance, it may be that:

a) Karndean Remove has not been removed completely - repeat the process ensuring the floor is rinsed thoroughly; or b) irregular drying of Karndean Refresh due to underfloor heating, strong sunlight or draughts - repeat the Karndean Remove and Refresh process, ensuring the floor is protected from heat, strong sunlight and draughts until completely dry.


When applying Karndean Refresh to your floor, be careful not to apply it too


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