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YOUYI is in 3 colour blended in the base and embedded with colourful chips.

.The rubber roll floor covering for heavy traffic areas

Super wear resistant and durable for 20 years..

.It is safe and non-toxic., with selection of high quality rubber, mineral filler and harmless pigment, the rubber flooring is harmless to human body.

.The rubber flooring has good performance on anti-slipping and water proof, which makes it good for places requiring good walking safety.

Excellent fire hehaviour class B1, and resistant to cigarette burns.

Production equipment and technologies are from BERSTOFF in Germany, which makes the top of R&D and qualities of rubber flooring.



Excellent Wear resistance: ultra-long life;

Environmentally friendly and healthy: Low VOC for better indoor air quality;

Resistance to cigarette;

Excellent Fire behavior: Class B1;

Good elasticity: Less residual indentation, comfortable foot feeling;

Shock absorption and less noise: Reduce the step noise and risk of hurting by falling over;

Anti-slip: R9 slip resistance;

Wheelchair and forklift truck suitable;

Finished with special coating, to enhance the anti-scratch and stain resistance performance;

Optional with anti static.

Recommended Application:

.Public Buildings

Heavy traffic areas (airports, trains,          stations...etc.)






Health care centres

Repairing centres

Available Size:

YOUYI   1-1.22  x 12-15  m - (2-4mm) (THK.)



.The floor must be installed on a dry, levelled, rigid and clean sub-floor at a minimal room temperature of 17°C-25°C.

.Allow the floor to acclimatize for at least 24 hours prior to installation. The floor must be glued with an epoxy glue according to the ratio listed on the product with the rubber.

.It is important to expel the trapped air with 70kg pressure roller. 


It is important to clean the floor regularly to make it last and maintain its properties. It is recommended to use an entrance mats system to reduce as much as possible the level of dirt introduced in the building/premises.

.Rubber floorings offer a very good chemical resistance but some products can damage them (bleach, solvents), direct sunlight would cause colour fastness as well.


Normally shipping delivery takes around 6-8 weeks from your orders on. If you require any express services, delivery time can be upgraded as 1-3 weeks.

(For any questions, please feel free contact us during business hours for better information.)

If you have any questions to our products, please feel free to contact us via:; or

contact us by +852-2398-7293 or whatsapp us by +852-9165-5989 during business hours

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