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Sportex is an indoor vinyl sport flooring range produced in 6 thicknesses.
You can combine between our 16 solid colors and 6 wood finishes to give the greatest look to your sport field or your gymnasium.
This vinyl flooring brings together performance, comfort and security for the users reducing their injuries and increasing their sensations.
Sportex incorporates Supraclean®. A crossed-link polymer treatment for an easy maintenance.

It also wears a fungistatic and anti-bacterial treatment for a perfect hygiene.
It can be used in gymnasiums, fitness centers, schools, kindergartens. But also in places where a good acoustic performance is required.



Excellent sport properties (shock absorption, ball rebound, slip resistance);

Easy and low-cost maintenance as the Supraclean ® treatment;

Great sound absorption;


Wide color range

Recommended Application:

.Auditoriums / Coaches

.Exhibition areas / Display areas





.Public areas (ramps, corridors..etc.)

Mult purpose acitivities areas

Sports areas

GYM areas

Available Size:

SPORTEX FIT   2 X 20m - (2mm)(THK.)

SPORTEX FIT XL   2 X 20m - (6.5mm)(THK.)

SPORTEX RACKET   2 X 20m - (3.8mm)(THK.)

SPORTEX 4 ECO   2 X 20m - (4mm)(THK.)

SPORTEX 5   2 X 20m - (2mm)(THK.)

SPORTEX 6.7   2 X 20m - (6.7mm)(THK.)

SPORTEX 8      2 X 15m - (8mm)(THK.)

SPORTEX 10   2 X 15m - (10.3mm)(THK.)

    *Please refer to specific colour / pattern for accurate available size.



.Our sport floorings Sportex have to be glued on a dry and even surface with a water-based acrylic adhesive.

In case of humidity in the sub-floor, you can use a bi-component PU adhesive.

The joints can be heat-welded with a welding rod.
According to the humidity ratio, is it possible to use the humidity barrier Supralay.


.In order to offer an easier and cheaper maintenance, our vinyl floorings Sportex are protected with the Supraclean® treatment. The pores of the floorings are sealed, avoiding the dirt to penetrate.

.Sportex must be cleaned with a neutral detergent for vinyl floorings (Dr. Schutz, Ecolab, Johnson).


.The cleaning can be made either manually or with a rotative cleaning machine.


Normally shipping delivery takes around 8-10 weeks from your orders on. If you require any express services, delivery time can be upgraded as 2-4 weeks.

(For any questions, please feel free contact us during business hours for better information.)

If you have any questions to our products, please feel free to contact us via:; or

contact us by +852-2398-7293 or whatsapp us by +852-9165-5989 during business hours

(Mon-Fri 10:00 - 18:00).

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