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RAINBOW is a heterogeneous floor and wall covering produced in 2mm and 2m width.
.It is easy to clean thanks to its Supraclean ® protection and very hygienic.
.Between several solid colors, bright or pastel, you will be able to find the perfect atmosphere you are looking for.
.Rainbow can be used under light traffic as a permanent floor covering, in temporary use as an event floor covering in theatres, photo studios, exhibition stands, or as a permanent wall covering in schools, offices, waiting rooms, kindergartens etc.
.Rainbow is also available in a glossy version for catwalks, TV studio, special events.

.Rainbow responds to the highest expectations from schools, public places, kindergartens, when it comes to hygiene, cleaning and design.
.As a wall covering, it is normally laid until 1m, sorting out all problems given by regular painting (dirt, cracks, marks).


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