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Vinyl flooring in self-supporting rolls

Anhidro self-supporting flooring is a revolution in the world of vinyl roll floors, since it is installed without adhesive, which minimizes the downtime of the area. It features modern designs, natural woods, and urban hues for an appealing look.

The PUR Supraclean treatment ensures easy maintenance and better infection control , as well as reducing bacterial and fungal growth, thanks to its ease of cleaning.

Anhidro is a floor resistant to heavy traffic and scratches.

.It offers an acoustic reduction of 14dB and great comfort underfoot. It is an ideal floor for reception areas or corridors in public, educational or health centres.

Anhidro is not affected by moisture. In addition, the channels at the bottom allow water vapor to circulate and then evaporate.

At the end of its useful life it can be easily removed for reuse or recycling.