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Available Size:


.KORLOK RESERVE RCP6541 - 1220 x 180mm (48.03'' x 7.05'') - (6.5mm) (THK.)




    • Hardwearing and is easy to clean and look after;
    • Korlok Reserve features a patented and proven 2G locking system specifically designed for an easy installation, as it allows installers to quickly lock planks together;
    • Designed for an easy installation, as it allows installers to quickly click and lock planks together;
    • Intricate designs and realistic embosses;
    • K-Guard & PU coating enhanced surface treatment helps protect against everyday wear, spills and scuffs;
    • Lifetime guarantee for residential, 15-years commercial guarantee;
    • Have 0.50mm wear layer;
    • 21dB acoustic impact noise reduction;
    • Applicable in bathroom/ toilet.


    Recommended Application:

    • Education
    • Hotel
    • Healthcare
    • Offices
    • Residentials
    • Retail

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