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Polysafe Quattro - has been specifically designed to provide a high degree of slip resistance whether wearing footwear or being barefoot in continually wet areas where additional contaminants such as shampoo and shower gels may be present. Most guaranteed slip resistance product in Hong Kong.

Available in 12 aqueous and subtle colours, of which 6 are chipped and 6 are unchipped.

.This stud-free safety flooring range offers superior comfort underfoot whilst maintaining high performance and safety.

BRE Global A+ Rated Product in major use areas such as healthcare & education.

Polysafe Quattro is 100% recyclable.

.Designed to enhance interiors, offering a practical solution where people can feel comfortable and safe

Quattro can also make a difference in education and leisure environments, where changing rooms, wet rooms, spas and pool sides require a high degree of slip resistance

Quattro has been engineered to achieve a pendulum wet test result of 50+ (Slider 96), most importantly this performance is sustainable and  assured throughout the product’s guaranteed life.

The Quattro collection draws from the calm beauty within natural environments, evoking memories of a revitalising coastal scene. The collection features warm neutrals reminiscent of sandy dunes, fresh blue shades reflecting gentle ocean waves and soothing grey tones inspired by rocky coastlines. These hues work in perfect harmony to create an ambiance of tranquillity and calmness.



Barefoot / shod safety product without the need for studs;

50+ on the Pendulum (Slider 96);

Slip Rating: P4 and R11;

Designed for use in commercial & residential settings (Use area 23/34/43);

A+ BRE generic rating, 100% recyclable & low VOC emissions.

Available Size:

.Polysafe Quattro  - 2 x 20m - (2mm)(THK.) - R11 

Recommended Application:

.Shopping malls


.Department stores


.Educational establishments

.Public buildings



.A moisture test must be carried out to ensure that the subfloor has dried out to a level consistent with the application of vinyl flooring. The test should be carried out using a hygrometer, in accordance with the instructions in BS 8203. The result should not exceed 75%RH, once equilibrium has been achieved.

.When installing Polyflor resilient flooring it is ESSENTIAL to apply a cementitious smoothing compound of at least 3mm thickness.

.Never adhere Polyflor floor coverings directly onto a mastic asphalt subfloor.

.Installation must be carried out in accordance with BS 8203 and the instructions of Polyflor.

.All joints must be welded to produce hygienic, continuous floors.

.Suitable for use with underfloor heating up to 27°C. See Polyflor Technical Information Manual for detail.


.Polysafe PUR ranges are designed to resist soiling, which ensures that even after transportation, installation and the period prior to handover, the intensity of construction clean can be significantly reduced. This will have a beneficial impact on the initial costs.


.Remove surface dust and grit by sweeping or vacuum.

. Apply a solution of neutral cleanser (or alkaline cleanser, dependent upon the level of grease or oily contaminants), diluted to the manufacturer’s instructions, with a spray over the section to be cleaned. Leave for sufficient time to react with the soiling.


.Pick up the solution with a clean microfibre mop, using a continuous side-to-side motion. When the mop head becomes loaded, it will start streaking the floor. At this point the dirty mop head should be removed and placed into a laundry bag and a clean mop head fitted. The cycle should then be repeated until the whole floor is completed.

.The dirty mop heads should then be laundered, in preparation for reuse.

.Where detergent residue remains on the floor surface, the area should be rinsed completely with clean, warm water, picked up with a wet vacuum and left to dry thoroughly.

.This maintenance procedure has been designed to optimise the benefits of the Polysafe PUR system – the latest in cleaning technology. The maximum benefits are derived from this system by carrying out this quick and simple procedure on a daily basis and by using clean equipment each time, to maximise dirt pick-up and eliminate streaking.

.More traditional mechanical cleaning methods such as a 165rpm rotary scrubbing machine, deck scrubber or mop and bucket system can be used with the appropriate neutral or alkaline cleanser - full details are available from Polyflor.

.In areas subject to heavy soiling, machine scrubbing should be undertaken on a periodic basis, after neutral or alkaline cleanser has been applied to the floor, diluted to the manufacturer’s instructions.

. Maintainers, polishes or floor dressings containing polish should never be applied to Polysafe PUR ranges, as this may impair the slip resistance but, if in doubt, consult Polyflor Customer Technical Services


Normally shipping delivery takes around 8-10 weeks from your orders on. If you require any express services, delivery time can be upgraded as 2-4 weeks.

(For any questions, please feel free contact us during business hours for better information.)

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