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Bodaq adhesive film used for various areas finishing including furniture and walls of living/commercial spaces. With 400 patterns which lively realized designs and textures of various materials for easy application with special adhesion treatment. It is safe to use with excellent flame retardant feature and eco-friendly certification.



Eco-friendly, SCS verified Health product declaration;

Unique patterns and textures of real wood;


Easy maintenance;

Recommended Application:

.Commercial area





High durability.

Available Size:

.1.2m X 50m - (0.42mm)(THK.)                  



.Cartons should be evenly stacked on a flat surface.

.Allow flooring materials to acclimatize the room temperature for minimum 48 hours before installation.

.Subfloors must be level, flat ,clean and free from marks..

.Do not allow traffic for 24 hours after installation. Stains can be removed by alcohol.

.Do not use strong solvents to clean products.

.Please ensure to install with designated adhesive.


Do not install on top of the existing floors such as plywood underlayment.

Make sure all products are from same LOT number in order to minimize shade variation.


Use entrance mats to protect against grit and moisture (ensure they are non rubber-backed to prevent any discolouration of the floor).


Water, oil, sand..etc. may cause slippery. Please remove them immediately.

.Especially elderly and pregnant women should aware when wearing socks or with wet feet. 

.Do not use interior varnish to the floor as it may cause slippery.

.When using a water steam cleaner or electric heater, please aware that it may cause decolourize or deformation.

.While using solvent-type adhesives, please provide sufficient ventilation to prevent health care problems and fires caused by organic solvents.

.After installation, there may have smell of the material or adhesive, please allow the area be ventilated sufficiently.

.Do not use strong solvent such as acetone or thinner to clean product surface. Use alcohol instead.

.Install a blind curtain to block the sunlight prevent exposing directly, the shrinkage and decolourization.

.Toxic gas will be generated when the residue is combusted. 

.Please ensure  to dispose to a licensed industrial waste company to handle the wastage. 


Normally shipping delivery takes around 3-4 weeks from your orders on. If you require any express services, delivery time can be upgraded as 1-2 weeks.

(For any questions, please feel free contact us during business hours for better information.)

If you have any questions to our products, please feel free to contact us via:; or

contact us by +852-2398-7293 or whatsapp us by +852-9165-5989 during business hours

(Mon-Fri 10:00 - 18:00).

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